Pesky Poisonous Plants - Berties

Protecting Our Pups From Those Pesky Poisonous Plants

Spring is on its way!  Our green fingers are twitching and we can all feel that trip to the garden centre coming!

It’s worth remembering which pesky plants are poisonous for our pooches!  Don’t forget that a lot of flowering plants such as rhododendrons, daffodils, geraniums and azaleas, are highly toxic to our doggos and can cause nasty reactions, (especially in older dogs). 

If you would like more information, you could take a look at the Dogs Trust’s comprehensive list of which flowers and plants to avoid having in your garden.

Our little rascals also find slug pellets particularly tasty, but they are really harmful if ingested. Always look on the packaging for pet-friendly versions of these products!

If you think that your dog has ingested a poisonous plant or pellet, please contact your vet immediately.